Australia has life on the positive side 

Travelling Joyce style have me screwing up my return booking in the Airporter bus. 

Met the driver of the bus halfway to the bus stop and he’s a cheerful folk. Told me I was the only passenger and now I’ve got myself a stretch limousine. 

Felt a bit bad by my mistake… think of all the extra carbon footprint from this sole mistake. And the work, and the waking up…

Anyway I also reduced some food waste in the pantry by donating my roast chicken and coffee. Took me a while to part with this idiotic $3 coffee from Woolies. Ugh, not sure what mentality is it but I’m now benefiting many other travelers for many coffees to come! 

There’s also a carton of milk which has turned into curd. Maybe it’s the milk or the climate or other reaction, the curd is very porous. Drained the sour whey and I’ve got myself some feta cheese.  The milk was dated 1 August (opened before that date, expires 8/8) it’s now 12/8 so this cheese is just less than 2 weeks old. 

With a dash of maple syrup and some instant coffee it’s just an aged cup of joe B) 

Yes, (for those that are cringing) I’m aware of my strange food habits but there’s no denying it. I’m probably a sort of food scavenger animal in my past life. 

Anyway, arriving at the airport in the ween hours of the day has allowed me to fix up some layout and posts on my blog. Being the disorganised human being I try to fix things up once in a while. 

I also got to look at this amazing sunrise through the clouds. 


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