Book: me before you

So this book is a romance novel.

I hate romance novels.

But it’s an OK read, the message I took from this book is to step out of your comfort zone before you can’t. Nothing defines who someone is other than themselves. Like Lou, if you keep telling yourself “This is not me, I’m not like that.” Then you will never try new things.

I admire Will for his attitude in life. If I were him I would certainly choose as he does. I liked that he’s ambitious and energetic (although not really shown in the story) I could feel that he was before his accident. So putting myself in his shoes, it’s quite upsetting to be conformed into a chair and not being able to do anything for himself. And he’s quite the gentlemen too.

I also learnt not to look at handicaps like they’re handicaps.

Lou is a character painted very vividly by Jojo Moyes. I really liked her bold and not-caring personality (in her fashion taste). She also gets over trauma quite well giving her a good strong personality. Jojo did a good job in writing the emotions and feelings of her character in a way that does not overwhelm and rational enough so as not to make non-emotional readers read at an arm’s length.

Overall it’s suitable for a light reading.

1. The book is fast paced but still able to have events unfold naturally. Jojo was able to lay out subtle hints and lines to prep the reader for emotional/ relational events, there are no “WHaaat? this minor thing caused a major breakup???” kind of feeling.

2. Having said the above, the plot still holds enough uncertainty to keep the reader engaged. There were no “Duh, typical!” moments for me.

Bitchy pickings:
1. Will complained of moans and groans in the next bed at the hospital, surely the Traynors would book him into a private room?

2. On the flight back to London, Nathan had to climb over the two to go to the washroom meaning he had the window seat but a few lines above Lou was looking out of the window because she was angry and upset. So how was their seating arrangement? Surely Nathan would give Lou the window seat? Or perhaps Lou just liked the aisle seat and stare pass the two guys at the window… oh but she was angry so she would naturally stare the other way…???


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