Using SONGS in teaching

So I’ve been thinking, how would my 13 year old students engage in my ESL classroom if they have no English basics?

Recalling kindergarten where I first learnt English, most of my classroom engagements didn’t require me to answer questions or tackle difficult tasks. The language came through songs, drawings and other creative expressions which are factors that motivate students to learn.

So how would I utilize songs to teach?

My focus in the coming year would be the listening component. A quick brainstorm on what may aid their listening:

  1. Fill in the blanks.
  2. Listening comprehension after understanding the song.
  3. Phonics with clear rhyme patterns.
  4. Strips of lyrics which need to be pieced together.

Ideas on lesson flow:

  1. Give each student a strip of lyrics to go home and look up the meaning of words and learn the pronunciation.
  2. At the beginning of class pick students to read out their line (to ensure that they do their homework)
  3. Listen to the song once without the lyrics given, ask them to identify as many words as possible. (prompt them to write down the words if they are able to)
  4. Give them the full lyrics (with fill in the blanks) and play the song again, go over the blanks and teach the target vocabulary.
  5. Elicit the meaning of the song, identify some emotions and words to express.
  6. Co-write a 1 sentence summary of the song.

Possible songs:

Babe – Justin Bieber.

Inspiration: ESL-longue


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