How to prevent a diet binge

img_5046A binge could be caused by many things, it may be a problem that is stressing us out, boredom that led us to mindless grazing, feeling empty and lonely or simply just a habit that we developed over time… Whatever the root cause may be, it is surely mitigating our efforts to a healthier lifestyle.

Here is a few suggestions that might tackle the issue.

  1. Fix the problem.
    We emotional eat because we are faced with a problem. Try to find out what it is and fix it. If it’s an errand, run it. If it’s an apology to be said, say it. If it’s a project that stresses you out, plan for it. Do something that tackles the root of the problem.
  2. Distract yourself.
    If you can’t solve the problem or you don’t know what the problem is, look for a distraction. Talk to others, make yourself helpful and be busy. Most of the time you can forget about your eating urges. Some people also suggest waiting out 5-15 minutes before eating or counting backwards so regain self-control.
  3. Show love and care to others. (And yourself)
    The act of showing love and care to others makes us feel more powerful and it gives us a positive vibe. If we can’t love ourselves yet, at least we can love others. Sometimes we binge because we feel discontent and lacking. Giving love and care to others helps us fill up the emotional emptiness we feel.
  4. Drink up and stay hydrated.
    Drinking a flavoured water or tea may help satisfy the taste-bore that cue us into eating.
  5. Start with a healthy diet
    Your eating habits may have a role to play in your binges. Sometimes it’s the cause of a sugar addiction. If you quit processed food and sugar, it may help to reduce the cravings and endless snacking spiral.

I myself is still on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I believe that by taking care of my body I can have a more efficient work life and a happier relationship with people and things around me. I’ve started loving myself more and appreciating things around me. I’ve also come up with some things to make myself feel better after a diet binge, perhaps it may help you too.



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