3 Steps to loving myself more. 

I’ve decided to love myself more since it is very important for me to have a good mental health in order to do well at my work. After all, I exhaust my energy daily in helping my students reach their full potential. It’s like putting the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others right?

I scanned through my life and decided to start with these 3 steps. I will work with these in self-love July and slowly build myself up 🙂

  1. Saying No.
    It’s important to listen to your body and mind. We often want to please others but we forget that we should always please ourselves first.Sometimes a friend asks me to hang out with her but I know that I was sleep-deprived and wanted to catch on with some sleep. In order not to let the friend down, I would normally work with less sleep. But truth is, it’s not what I want. I should have put myself before others because they won’t know what I need. Real friends would want the best for you so it’s alright to refuse others, politely and gracefully.

    Another example is when sharing food. We got a big dessert plate and my friend would naturally want to share. However, I know that I don’t do well with sugar since it would give me mood swings. I ate the dessert anyway and felt the sugar effects later. I should have listened to my better judgement and said ‘No.’

  2. Eating well.
    Continuing on food, eating whole, natural food is way way way better than processed and packaged food. I cannot stress this enough. The body would certainly thank you if you feed it quality food over the heavily processed junk from the convenience store.

    This goes hand in hand with…

  3. Accept myself for how I am.
    Nobody should be beating themselves up for not looking the way they wished themselves to look. Appearance does not stop anyone from being who they are nor does it stop anyone from being awesome in other ways. I need to feel good in my own skin.

    Take photos, upload them and be happy about the things which happened rather than how I look in the photo. Who cares about the prominent jaws and double chin as long as there’s a 100kW smile?

We should all take care of our body more. After all, it’s our body that brings us around and helps us complete everything that we wanted to do. If we don’t care for our bodies, who will?


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