If you need to be bad, be bad good.

I’ve embarked on a minimalistic journey on self love and getting a shisha isn’t exactly the keyword that fits, but hear me out.

Friday night after a full week of work. Party A says – let’s hit the clubs at LKF. Party B says – let’s get a dinner, drinks and a smoke. Which do you choose?

I’m learning to listen to myself (wants and needs) and choose quality over quantity. And going ahead with B is a choice which I am proud of making. 1) The place we went is decent and served with quality. 2) there isn’t any trashy drinks/ cigarette smoke in my hair and clothes. 3) I enjoyed chatting and hanging out with people more than just dancing and  “9 fing” with people. 

Although I’m slightly guilty in not joining the other group since I felt that I’m forgoing their valuing me as a friend. But I am glad I prioritised myself before others and actually had a really good night out.

Tonight helped me recharge and I feel that it’s well spent. Life should include all sorts of things (entertainment, work, study, play etc) and I feel that tonight is a prove of good choice adhering to myself.

I opened my eyes to what is good shisha compared to the regular bar/ pub ones. We tried a stout based rose and blueberry flavour which is amazing. The lounge also provided other mixes and they didn’t have any menus. It’s surely an experience which I don’t mind having again 🙂

Giving my thanks to my friends who invited me and Earl’s Court.


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