Complains, Control, Create (repeat)

I remember when I had my other job as a teaching assistant, life was so boring.

The job didn’t require much skills nor knowledge and I’d complain that I was wasting my time. I took control by reading tones of books, left the job and got into a PGDE course to pursuit my teaching career. I’ve created a path for myself.

Now that I’m in my first teaching job, I am stressed out and overworked. I am complaining that I didn’t have a good work-life balance. I am planning to take control and go for a working holiday to somewhere far and new. Possibly creating some new experiences for myself.

Dissatisfaction drives action, action creates chances.

Life is yours, take charge of it yourself. Don’t stay at the complain stage; don’t wait for instructions.

Create something for yourself.

via Daily Prompt:Control



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